I get around to it at every lecture, which focused on nutrition in fitness or sports in general. What we use oil for their cooking purposes, and if we want to retain as much of the active ingredients, and we want to not damage your health?


Before we pour oil into the pan and let the little introduction, oils and fats, our society is still very groping and do not know what is the ideal for cooking and cooking. That is one side of things, the latter, however, is that the consumption of fats in the Czech Republic is still at a very high level (around 25 kg per person per year), so we, before we address the selection of fat, should tackle its amount in our diets . I understand you're sportsmen and probably will not be the riskiest group of fat intake. However, you have around you a lot of people who every day consume incredible amounts of low-quality fats and thus constitute a serious health complications. Apply to them and explain to them that this is how it really is not. Indeed, more than half of the population (over 18 years) are obese or overweight, it is very alarming findings.
But now you have a choice of fat. In the following list, I tried to introduce you to the most famous fats and oils that are on the market today available. But also alternatives that can be found for example in "healthy diets" and speciálkách focused on this area.


Speaking of fat, lots of you imagines just butter. Yes, it's traditional food and a first processed solid fat, which in our diets appeared. In its basic form it contains about 80% fat, water, milk protein y and sugar. Butter is rich in saturated fatty acids, but also contains the unsaturated and even (if it is a BIO butter) contains CLA. It contains fatty acids with short chain, which are easily digestible. This will, however, suggests that it is more suited to cold dishes. Thus, for lubrication or for gentle cooking. But not for frying.
If you do not want to forgive the taste of butter when frying, we would have called. Clarified butter. This is on the shelves of retailers is not available, you can, but you can make at home. It is butter, which is 99.9% fat release is therefore devoid of most of the water and the remaining accompanying substances. Find more on Fat Burning Kitchen
The butter can only indicates that it gets back into fashion, and rightly so. This is a very convenient source of food and essential fatty acids and saturated fatty acids. Those we should have in our diet around 10% of total daily energy intake.